Cadel Evans Road Race Prep

Cadel Evans Road Race Prep

Cadel Evans Road Race Prep

When: Friday 31st January 2020 (Family Ride) and Saturday 1st February 2020 (People’s Ride)

Where: Geelong Waterfront

What: The Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race is split into several events. On the 1st February there will be an elite men’s and women’s race but for cycling enthusiasts there is an amateur event, the People’s ride. Additionally, there is fun for the whole family on Friday January the 31st for children of all ages to enjoy in a closed off space away from traffic.

More Information:

There are four events being held:

  • 1.6km Ride (Family Ride)
  • 35km Ride
  • 65km Ride
  • 115km Ride

Having the variety of these events mean that there is something suited to all levels of fitness and age groups for you and your friends or family to get involved in.

Here are a few important things to remember when preparing for a longer cycling event:

1. Perfect practise makes for a perfect event (usually)

Making sure that you start your preparation early is the best way to guarantee that you can get through the event injury free and make the most of enjoying this great event. The Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Ride is designed for the community to have fun, so let’s keep it that way.

2. Warming up

Before you begin your chosen event on the day it is important to ensure that you have warmed up sufficiently. Cycling is a great low impact exercise that uses the muscles of the calf, quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteal muscles, as well as muscles of the trunk and upper limb. The best warm up will include dynamic movements to increase blood flow to all of these areas to not only work to prevent injury, but also to boost your performance. Just don’t get too overzealous and tire yourself out before the main event - about 10 to 20 minutes is usually enough at a low-moderate intensity.

3. To stretch or not to stretch?

Although it has been commonly believed that stretching can prevent injuries, the research does not show that this is technically correct. In saying that, if you feel that you get good relief from muscle tightness during your warm up then by all means stretch those muscles! Holding these positions for around 30 seconds is the most effective. If you are unsure of how to stretch your tight muscles, the sports physios at Forefront Physiotherapy Geelong are experts in this area.

4. Cool down

After the event you may be quite fatigued and not feel like doing a whole heap more exercise. However, there is some suggestion that a light cool down can reduce the soreness of your muscles the day after. This can be done by walking or light cycling in a lower gear on flat terrain for around 10 minutes after finishing.

5. Not sure how to prepare?

If you are new to cycling or just don’t feel 100% sure about how to tackle this event, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the experienced sports physiotherapists as Forefront Physio Geelong to guide you through the preparation to get the most out of your day.